“Master your audience, increase your Marketing ROI”

This is why we have created GhostWriterAI, the first Italian content marketing strategy platform, based on Artificial Intelligence.

Identifying the audience, understanding
which content works best, producing new
content, increasingly requires the use of
specialized professionals, able to drive your
marketing and sales strategy.

We help companies to increase their marketing ROI identifying the audience, understanding which content works best, and producing the right content

GhostWriterAI enables you identifying your potential audience,
understanding their interests,
the news they interact with,
the words they use.

“Sustainable growth comes from understanding best customers and figuring out how to find and acquire more of them.”

Sean Ellis, Growth Hacking father.

Who Is For

Marketing Department, CMO (Chief Marketing Operator), Sales Department, Media Agencies.

How We Help You

We help you to know your target audience. We give you curated insights on their demographics and psychographics (interests, passions, contexts).

How We Do That

We use proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm to bring you ahead of your competition.

GhostWriterAI suite includes the following services

GhostWriter Suite Services

Lookalike Audience
Identify the potential audience up to x10 the current one

Content Creator
Identify the best topics and words to use

Identify the most suitable contents for each specific audience

SEO Optimizer
(coming soon)

Semantic Chatbot
Care engagement and relationship with the audience before, during and after

Content Curator
Identify the most relevant news for the sector of your interest

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