“Find, enhance and share most valuable contents for your stories.”

We help companies to increase their marketing ROI, engaging and converting the new audience into loyal clients.

Where to find new clients outside of your CRM comfort zone?
How to engage a new audience?
How to boost the marketing ROI?
The answer to these and other similar questions is always the same.

To grow your audience, you need to reach new people that have, in common with you, your company values and vision. You need to find those people eligible to become your best clients than ever.

How to improve your company engagement?

“Sustainable growth comes from understanding best customers and figuring out how to find and acquire more of them.”

Sean Ellis, Growth Hacking father.

Who Is For

Brand, Marketing Department, CMO (Chief Marketing Operator), Social Media Agencies.

How We Help You

Setting marketing action thanks to meaningful insights, hugely increasing the marketing ROI.

How We Do That

We use Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence to equip you and your team with a complete toolbox of AI Marketing services.

GhostWriter AI Platform Services:

  • Live Listening AI: able to find a new audience and strategic insights based on its preferences.
  • Recommendations: recommendation system for brands that want to improve their service customer experience recommending personalized content during the navigation.
  • Magic Content: a complete set of tools for marketers to find trending news in their niche, curating social and producing new engaging content fast.

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